After 25 years of reducing the hauling volume of solid waste (garbage) for the Airlines at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) by over 90% Broward County ended the recycling program operated by Airport Recycling Specialists, Inc. (ARS)


This was the first airport specific recycling program and to date the only recycling program to exceed 40 percent recovery.


The ARS program depended on 20 full time employees who managed the waste stream and were the reason the recycling effort was successful.  Those 20 full time green employment opportunities have been replaced by 1 truck driver for a company who has recycling in their name, but is actually a garbage hauling company.


On November 30, 2014 the FLL Director of Aviation and the County Commission ended the recycling program at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Thus eliminating 19+ green jobs and redirecting the revenue from a small family business to the County.


Many FLL airline managers supported the ARS recycling program and have been managing the change with little to no direction from Broward County Aviation Department.